Exploring Water Quality in Kolkata and Kentucky

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Through this interdisciplinary and integrated online project, high school students in eastern India and across Kentucky will explore water quality in their respective communities. Ten schools in eastern India and 10 schools in Kentucky will be matched based on geography and demographics to study water quality through UK's three online modules. The modules will include opportunities for students to engage with the systems, action and effectiveness knowledge, with each other and hydrology professionals. Students will also have opportunities to conduct field work. Once students complete the online instruction, they will work in small groups to complete research projects based on one of the modules. Each project will be judged according to a project rubric and the winning team will present their winning project at a scientific conference in their international peers' country. For example, the winning Indian students will present their projects at the American Geophysical Union conference in New Orleans, in December, 2016. Kentucky students who visit India will have a similar opportunity. The evaluation plan will be developed to assess achievement of the program objectives and barriers toward achievement toward the objectives.
Effective start/end date5/15/1711/30/18


  • Department of State: $150,418.00


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