Facebook Intervention for Young Onset Melanoma Patients and Families

Grants and Contracts Details


Scope of Work The Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) will assist researchers at Rutgers with recruitment of melanoma cases to participate in their research. KCR will contact melanoma cases meeting eligibility requirements to seek permission to release their contact information to the researchers at Rutgers. KCR will prepare mailings for physicians and melanoma cases. The melanoma case’s physician of record will first be contacted via mail to ask if there is any reason that the case should not be contacted (i.e. dementia, in a nursing home, etc.). If after two weeks the physician does not inform KCR of a reason not to contact the case, KCR will contact the case via mail asking permission to release their contact information. The cases are provided a response card to mail back with their response. If a response from the cases is not received after two weeks, KCR will contact the cases via phone to seek verbal permission to release their contact information. KCR will also be responsible for tracking accrual rates as well as preparing reports related to patient recruitment for the reseachers.
Effective start/end date2/1/213/31/22


  • Rutgers University: $9,814.00


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