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The KY Department for Public Health (DPH) is contracting with the University of Kentucky Research Foundation to provide expertise in facilitation of the Unbridled Health Plan Advisory Council/Stakeholder meetings and the Cancer Control Leadership Team meetings. Unbridled Health is a Plan for Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion that directly aligns with the CDC Cooperative Grant #1305 (QUAD). This contract shall ensure that DPH can meet the goals and expectations of the CDC "State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health CDC-RFA-DP13-1305" to support health promotion, epidemiology, and surveillance activities and targeted strategies that will result in measurable impacts to address school health, nutrition and physical activity risk factors, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and stroke prevention as well as coordination with all CDC funded cancer programs in the state.
Effective start/end date7/1/146/30/15


  • KY Department for Public Health: $18,074.00


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