Factors Affecting Asphalt Pavement Density andthe Effect on Long-Term Performance, Phase II

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WORK PROPOSED It is proposed that Phase II will consist of 4 tasks (Task 5 - Task 8). • Task 5 proposes to use the mix samples obtained in Task 3 to conduct the following tests: AMPT Flow Number - this is a rutting test that will be conducted at the appropriate high temperature for the project. The test will be conducted in an unconfined state to determine failure. The AMPT Flow Number test was conducted as part of the lab study. Flexural Beam Fatigue - this is a fatigue test that will be conducted at 20°C and a mOderate strain level (likely 500 microstrain). It was also used in the laboratory study to evaluate the effect of changes in density on performance. Disk-shaped Compact Tension, DC(t) - this is a low temperature fracture energy test that is believed to be related to cracking performance. The test will be conducted at a temperature that is ten degrees higher than the minimum pavement temperature. By performing all three tests, the study should allow for an examination of the expected performance-related properties for rutting and cracking. Specimens will be prepared from the plant-produced mix, which will be heated until it is sufficiently soft enough to split into appropriate sample sizes. For the AMPT Flow Number test, the split sample will then be he
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/13


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $166,626.00


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