Fallin-Bennett Fed Funds: FY24 Tobacco (MSA): Tobacco and Smoke Free Environments C3522

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The purpose of the contract is to provide outreach, technical assistance, training and communication to support advocates and other stakeholders as they lead local and state smoke- and tobacco-free campaigns. KCSP will guide community advocates and other stakeholders to apply our evidence-based policy advocacy model to guide smoke-free policy development by focusing on building capacity, building demand, and translating and disseminating the science. A critical component is helping communities assess community readiness for smoke-free policy, develop strategic plans, and assist with local campaigns to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. KCSP will also translate and disseminate scientific information through data collection, interpretation, written reports, a regular e-newsletter, county-level fact sheets and other data-related fact sheets and share with communities, on social media, and make available online. We will maintain our website, serving as a clearinghouse for up-to-date information on secondhand smoke and smoke- and tobacco-free policy, including updating our smoke-free ordinance and tobacco-free campus policy databases. KCSP will also train community members to collect air quality data and support them as they disseminate the findings to advance policy change. We will also plan and implement an annual statewide smoke-free conference to facilitate the exchange of best practices among community advocates to promote smoke- and tobacco-free environments, environmental risk reduction, and public health. In addition, we have one proposed continuing project focusing on behavioral health. Enhancing Tobacco Treatment in Community Mental Health Centers aims to 1) provide tailored behavioral health technical assistance and training to behavioral health organizations and grantees regarding tobacco use, treatment, policy, and messaging; 2) develop and enhance existing tobacco treatment capacity within community-based behavioral health organizations by providing tailored workshops and training opportunities; and 3) create, evaluate, and disseminate tobacco treatment resources tailored to the behavioral health population.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services


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