Farm & Ranch Staff Assistance Network Program (FRSAN)

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PROJECT SUMMARY Instructions: The summary is limited to 250 words. The names and affiliated organizations of all Project Directors/Principal Investigators (PD/PI) should be listed in addition to the title of the project. The summary should be a self-contained, specific description of the activity to be undertaken and should focus on: overall project goal(s) and supporting objectives; plans to accomplish project goal(s); and relevance of the project to the goals of the program. The importance of a concise, informative Project Summary cannot be overemphasized. Title: Implementation Evaluation & Evaluation Planning For Kda/Frsan Grant PD: Sampson, Shannon, O. Institution: University Of Kentucky CO-PD: Institution: CO-PD: Institution: CO-PD: PD/PI 4 Name (Last, First, MI) Institution: CO-PD: PD/PI 5 Name (Last, First, MI) Institution: CO-PD: PD/PI 6 Name (Last, First, MI) Institution: CO-PD: PD/PI 7 Name (Last, First, MI) Institution: The evaluation will consist of five activities designed to assess if the projects have completed planned activities and to develop a robust evaluation plan for future project activities. Following the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation, evaluators will (1) meet with stakeholders spearheading each project activites (hotline expansion, QPR training, call center training, expansion of ''arc'' of services) to develop individual project logic models. In addition, evaluators will use these logic models to develop a robust grant-wide program logic model. After logic model development, (2) evaluators will identify and collect existing data sources to assess fidelity of implementation across the grant. Example fidelity data includes QPR attendance logs, year-to-year hotline call numbers, existing survey data, etc. Evaluators will also utilize the logic models (3) to identify potential outcome-focused data sources for each project that can be collected within the one year project period or that should be the primary focus of future evaluations. Evaluators will work to develop instrumentation for these data sources and, where possible, collect and analyze these data sources for their contribution toward grant''s desired impacts. Examples include longitudinal QPR community impact surveys and call center focus groups. Using the fidelity data and available impact data, (4) evaluators will complete a summative evaluation report at the conclusion of the one year of activities. This report will also contain (5) plans for a robust three year evaluation of grant activities based on findings and logic models developed over the course of the previous year. This file MUST be converted to PDF prior to attachment in the electronic application package.
Effective start/end date10/6/219/29/22


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $70,000.00


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