Farms to Food Banks Capacity-Building Project

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The Farms To Food Banks Capacity Building Project will reduce food insecurity in Kentucky and strengthen the linkages between key sectors of Kentucky's food system, including farmers, nonprofit food distributors and low-income consumers. Outcomes include increasing the amount of fresh produce distributed to low-income Kentuckians by 9 million, increasing by 20% the number of food bank patrons that are aware of the benefits of healthy eating and possessing the skill necessary to prepare fruits and vegetables; and increasing by 200 the number of Kentucky farmers benefitting from a new market for Number 2-grade and surplus produce and an average increase in cash flow of $2,500.00. The goals and outcomes will be received by providing equipment, such as walk-in coolers and air filatration systems, necessary for safe distribution of fresh produce by food banks and food pantries, by paying farmers to help cover their costs of picking, packing and delivering fresh produce to food banks, and by providing nutrition education services to low- income patrons of food banks and food pantries. Low-income individuals were involved in program planning and will be actively engaged in program implementation by serving as paid evaluation assistants. The self-reliance of Kentucky communities will be increased by supporting Kentucky farmers working to diversify their production from tobacco to fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, the project will help Kentucky do a better job feeding itself.
Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/21


  • Kentucky Association of Food Banks: $27,614.00


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