Fast Computational Electromagnetic Methods for GEMINI

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High fidelity computational electromagnetic (CEM) modeling is critical to NASA's mission. NASA's primary tool for this purpose is GEMINI, which is developed and maintained by the Wireless and Communication Systems Branch at Johnson Space Center (JSC). GEMINI is currently used within NASA to analyze systems and subsystems for various platforms, including launch and orbital vehicles, the International Space Station (ISS), astronaut communications, and search and rescue operations, among others. It is understood within NASA that GEMINI is critical to NASA's missions and that its current capabilities are not adequate to meet both existing and emerging electromagnetic analysis and design needs within NASA. This unsolicited proposal outlines a development program that will advance GEMINI by incorporating state-of-the-art CEM methods designed to significantly increase the size, complexity, and accuracy of GEMINI. The proposed developments will build additional capabilities into GEMINI. These include parallel fast iterative and direct solvers, stable numerical formulations, and new, high-order and well-conditioned discretization methods. The proposed work will enable NASA's GEMINI tool to solve problems that are significantly beyond its current capabilities. The resulting improvements in the performance of GEMINI will enable the Wireless and Communication Systems Branch to provide more thorough and accurate modeling predictions of critical devices and systems. This will both reduce risks and costs. The proposed work will be performed by the CEM Group at the University of Kentucky (UK). The group has previously worked on GEMINI with members of the Wireless and Communication Systems Branch, which is how the UK group has come to be aware of the capabilities of GEMINI as well as the electromagnetic modeling needs of the Wireless and Communication Systems Branch at Johnson. The UK CEM group has substantial experience in providing successful, reliable, and usable electromagnetic modeling solutions for government programs.
Effective start/end date7/28/167/31/21


  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration: $240,000.00


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