Fathers and Children Together: An Evaluation of the Resources, Services, and Outcomes of a Prison-based Parenting Program

  • Clark, James (PI)
  • Secret, Mary (Former PI)

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During the first 5 months of this project we have successfully solidified the working relationships of all participants in this project including appropriate members from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, Blackburn Correctional Complex and the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Regular meetings have been incorporated into everyone's schedules and the project has become a true interagency collaborative as previously envisioned. All staff positions funded by the grant have been filled, training for each staff has been completed as necessary and all have clearly defined responsibilities as part of the project. Over the first 5 months of the project we have developed a number of data gathering instruments: including our main Outcome Instrument (01), Classroom Session Reports, Cost Data Gathering Forms, and Participant Index. Our main instrument, the 01, contains a newly developed measure referenced in our grant as the Behavior Protocol Instrument. In addition, we developed two consent forms to be used for the main body of evaluation activity (Consent Form I) and the Adult Attachment Inventory (AAI) piece conducted by Co-Investigator Dr, Sherry Fairchild (Consent Form II). We developed procedures and protocols for the administration of these instruments and consent forms. The 01 and consent forms were pre-tested with staff as well as inmates and minor revisions we incorporated. AIl required materials were submitted for a full IRB review, which approved our consent forms and instruments after minor changes. Specific humans subjects protections have been filed through the appropriate federal changes (HHS & OHRP) and have been approved. SPSS data files were developed using initial baseline data gathered by the FACT program under a different instrument. Data was analyzed as a prelude to the development of the SPSS files for our current instruments. Data gathering has begun with the 01 and the CSRs as we are currently 4 weeks into the first parenting session of the initially targeted FACT program administration. Preliminary data analysis indicates that initial data gathering has been going well.
Effective start/end date9/30/0412/31/06


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