Feasibility Study for a Wildlife Education Center

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This proposal is submitted in response to a request for an economic feasibility and impact study of building and operating a Wildlife Education Center in the Region including Barren, Hart, Edmonson and Warren Counties. The development of a Wildlife Education Center would require the selection of a suitable spot on which the Center could be built. In addition to the jobs and income created due to construction of the Center, the new facility would bring a future economic impact to the area. The University of Kentucky Center for Business and Economic Research proposes conducting a feasibility and economic impact study including site selection of the addition of a Wildlife Education Center to the Region. This study would include site selection and construction cost estimates. An optional contingent valuation study is also outlined to assess the potential amenity value of the Center. The following sections contain our methodology for conducting the research. This proposal also contains a timetable for completing the proposed study. Finally, we also include a description of the research personnel who would conduct the study and a description of the Center for Business and Economic Research.
Effective start/end date12/4/056/30/09


  • KY Department of Fish and Wildlife: $67,926.00


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