Feeding the Future in Rural Ghana Opportunities for Women Smallholders Legumes and Maize for School Feeding Programs

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The proposed work aims to reduce global poverty and hunger through research, extension, and education activities addressing the challenges of small farmers in rural Ghana. We will leverage existing relationships and assets of a school feeding program and farm in Adjeikrom, Ghana to create opportunities for women farmers to raise legumes and maize. In year one, we will collect data about current school food procurement practices and the extent to which schools currently use gardens or source food from local farmers. In year two, we will provide opportunities for school feeding programs and women farmers in the Northern Ghana Region to build value chains for local production of legumes, maize, and vegetables. Legumes and maize are staples in the Ghanaian diet and may be readily used in school food service. Providing support for women rural farmers is a promising strategy for reducing poverty. School feeding programs are a proven way to improve child nutrition and fight hunger in developing countries.
Effective start/end date7/22/1512/31/17


  • Foreign Agricultural Service: $40,000.00


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