Fellowship for David Marshall: A Children's Geography of Occupation: Imaginary, Emotional and Everyday Spaces of Palestinian Childhood

  • Secor, Anna (PI)
  • Marshall, David (CoI)

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This research examines the political geographies of Palestinian children, and the ways in which their everyday spaces and practices are shaped by broader social and political processes. This research begins with an investigation into the role of the child in the moral geopolitics of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. From here, the research explores how the competing discourses of Palestinian nationalism and international humanitarianism, and the legacy of forced migration, have shaped the spaces of childhood in a West Bank refugee camp, from homes, to schools, streets, and youth centers. Finally, using participant observation, visual methods and guided tours, this research explores how children reshape the discursive spaces of childhood through their everyday practices.
Effective start/end date6/1/125/31/13


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