Fellowship for Josh Jackson: Forage and Resource Management Tool for Beef Producers Implementing Rotational Grazing

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Beef production models have the potential to be an important resource for farmers. Proper grazing management practices must be implemented to ensure that forage resources are sufficiently utilized and potential profits are not sacrificed. Overgrazing must also be prevented as it detrimentally affects over one]fifth of the pastures worldwide. Grazing management is becoming more vital to beef producers everywhere as lands typically utilized for hay are converted to use for biofuels and food production. Thus to compensate for the reduced forage availability, cattle need to spend more time on pasture with 300 days being the newly proposed standard by industry experts. Rotational grazing is not commonly utilized within Kentucky but is a production practice that could help reduce some of the risks experienced by allowing for the better utilization of grass. The goal of this project would be to develop a decision aid that would help beef producers balance forage production with animal requirements while taking into consideration the geospatial variations that naturally exists in a pasture system. Revisions will be made to the GRAZE Beef Forage Simulation Model to include GIS tools for creating fields, acquiring pasture data, developing a pasture management schemes, and evaluating the economics ramifications of different management practices. The forage and animal interaction is an important part of this model, and real]time, local weather data would help the producers ascertain which forage management practices to follow. For the Agriculture Systems and Technology Program, GRAZE would provide farmers with a predictive tool to optimize the stocking rate, prevent overgrazing, minimize risk, and maximize profits. The proposed project would allow me to develop an independent applied research and extension program in animal agriculture. My long]term goal is to obtain a faculty position at a Land Grant Institution working on sustainable animal agriculture systems, with a focus on beef cattle production.
Effective start/end date4/1/166/30/16


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $150,000.00


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