Fellowship for Michael McHenry: Dwight David Eisenhower Transporation Fellowship Program

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It is for these reasons that I am looking to become a university professor. I feel this career will allow me to continue rail related research, continue to promote the development of rail related academics, and in the end, make significant contributions to the railroad industry. I learned early on in my undergraduate education, during a semester long co-op with a local construction company, that I preferred the academic environment. Becoming a professor will allow me to best utilize my skills through teaching, innovative research, and outreach in an exciting and developing industry. As a professor, I would enjoy the challenge of starting a railroad engineering program at a new university and recruiting new engineers into transportation. I see my continued dedication to academics, research, and leadership as the means towards reaching these lofty goals. My studies will be augmented this summer at the Association of American Railroad’s Transportation Technology Center (TTCI) in Pueblo, Colorado, where I will serve as a summer intern. My work there will parallel my efforts at UK and form a portion of my thesis. TTCI is a one of a kind test center, internationally renowned for its facilities and research. I feel this is an incredible opportunity to further my studies and a huge step forward in achieving my goals.
Effective start/end date9/1/129/1/14


  • Federal Highway Administration: $62,300.00


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