Finding Tick Repellents: Development of neurophysiological and behavioral paradigms

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Odors, such as pheromones, are increasingly being used to sample and control vector arthropods (1), including ticks (2). Conversely, odors that induce repulsion/avoidance offer a first line of personal protection against tick bites (3). Therefore, a robust platform that can evaluate a wide range of natural substrates strongly attracting or repelling ticks aid in maximizing the effectiveness of management strategies. I propose that a solid foundation to develop these platforms will critically depend on our understanding of the complex chemistries of natural substrates such as essential oils (promising tick repellents). There is an increasing appreciation for developing repellents for personal protection as the first line of defense against hematophagous arthropods.
Effective start/end date7/1/215/31/24


  • University of Florida: $160,000.00


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