Forest Health Research and Education Center-- Phase 2

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Phase 2 of the FHC joint venture will take the groundwork laid in Phase 1 and fully develop the pilot projects started during this inaugural phase. Specifically, over the next year we plan to use the funds request to: 1. Continue projects of the biological sciences team related to identifying and manipulating genes controlling resistance to invasive pathogens and pests in important forest tree species including, chestnut, hemlock, ash and others. 2. Continue to build the genetic and genomic resources for white oak including a whole genome sequence as part of a cooperation with the Beam Spirits Institute. 3. Increase public engagement in our research through participatory research and citizen science; 4. Enhance outreach and social science understanding around the idea of advancing forest health through disease/insect resistance, 5. Further collaborations and leverage resources with UK and KDF.
Effective start/end date9/6/198/14/24


  • Forest Service: $297,082.00


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