Forest Health & Research Education Center

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Research at the FHREC will be comprised of biological and social science components focused on critical forest health and restoration issues. The biological research component will concentrate on discovering the various genetic/physiologic mechanisms of resistances to biotic and abiotic stressors and developing methods to exploit this information for tree improvement and forest management. The social science research component will explore and define the factors that significantly influence adoption of new technologies in forest management practices, including restoration and reclamation. Faculty, staff and students in both center disciplines will work together to develop Education opportunities and materials for forest landowners, land managers and policy makers. Furthermore, both research and education will be enhanced and extended by Development and Outreach activities designed to demonstrate these applications in the field. Ultimately the FHREC will enhance our understanding of tree performance under stress, improve tree populations for forestry and horticulture, and facilitate adoption of new technologies and best management practices in forest restoration and site reclamation.
Effective start/end date6/13/146/12/19


  • Forest Service: $570,000.00


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