Forested Ecosystem Adaptation and Resiliency Project

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Forested Ecosystem Adaptation and Resiliency Project - LSR Abstract Future climate change threatens long-term forest sustainability while driving a new set of complex management challenges. Managers need tools to make informed decisions to address future threats and uncertainties. This requires the application and translation of the best available science to anticipate forest vulnerabilities and outcomes of management decisions. There is an immediate need to provide educational opportunities on management options aimed at climate change. This project will address these challenges by offering three workshops spanning different regions of Kentucky (west, central, east) to train foresters and natural resource managers on topics such as climate vulnerabilities (increasing risk of drought, insect, disease), adaptation options (resistance, resilience, and response approaches), and mitigation opportunities through carbon capture and market education. Managers will gain insight into adaptive and mitigative management strategies to incorporate into their own decision-making processes. We will develop a regional adaptation workbook, recruit experts to aid in education, and facilitate in-person workshops. Training opportunities will include a workbook to complete prior to a one-day workshop. We will seek 25-40 participants at each workshop. Outcomes here will enable us to create a Sustainable Forests Education framework to facilitate partnerships across Kentucky natural resource agencies and organizations to provide ongoing educational opportunities.
Effective start/end date6/1/229/30/24


  • KY Division of Forestry: $55,000.00


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