Form and function of our Janus faced genome supplement

  • Ambati, Jayakrishna (PI)
  • Fowler, Benjamin (CoI)

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The reverse flow of genetic information, a concept at the core of multiple Nobel Prizes, is an important exception to the central dogma of biology. In our Director’s Pioneer Award funded in 2014, we report an exciting new type of genetic material derived from the reverse transcription of host (endogenous) genetic material that we term endogenous cDNA (ecDNA). In that proposal, we seek to define the form and function of this previously unappreciated and unexplored genome that we believe is a rich source of novel biologic function. However, the effect of sex on ecDNA levels and function is not known. Here, we will supplement the existing aims of our proposal by comparing male and female subjects in order to determine sex-specific differences in ecDNA biology. We will also assess whether sex-specific differences in ecDNA correlate with human disease that is more prevalent in women. Finally, we will determine sex differences in the response to human therapeutics that disrupt ecDNA formation. Therefore, these supplemental studies will not only provide exciting insight into sex-specific biology of ecDNAs, but could also help explain sex differences in adverse events/therapeutic response to clinically relevant reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
Effective start/end date9/30/147/31/16


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