Fostering Success - Employment Initiative (Yr 2 of 2) TRC/FY20

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Fostering Success – Employment Initiative Program FY 19-20 UK will employ nine (9) part-time job coaches across the state. The job coaches will assist with the Fostering Success Program Job readiness sessions and will meet weekly with Fostering Success Participants in designated regions to provide individual coaching and mentorship. The job coaches will also work one-on-one with participants to advance the development of professional development skills and a vocational/career plan as well as assist them in addressing barriers to successfully completing the program. Job coaches may provide program participants with financial assistance to cover the costs of bus passes, gas cards, Uber/cab payments, work clothes, etc. within the first four weeks of the program, as funds allow, and with the approval of the Chafee Independent Living Program Coordinator. The job coaches will also act as liaisons between participants and their work supervisor in order to address any personnel issues and will also coordinate with the work supervisors to conduct performance evaluations for foster success participants at the end of the 10- week program. UK will implement a match savings program for fostering success participants. The Chafee Independent Living Program Administrator will approve the program implementation. UK will provide funding for regional ceremonies to acknowledge participants who successfully complete the Fostering Success Program. UK will employ a full-time Job Coordinator who will identify and cultivate relationships with employers across the state who will act as worksite providers for youth participating in the program. The Coordinator will work to match participants will employers who will offer a meaningful work experience. The Coordinator will also work to match participants with employers according to their vocational interest. The Job Coordinator will also provide ongoing support to employers throughout the program. The Job Coordinator will also act as the Job Coach for participants who are granted an extension to the program, in addition to training and support of the Job coaches, including tracking data and completing weekly timesheets. UK will develop a promotional video for the Fostering Success program
Effective start/end date7/1/196/30/20


  • KY Department of Community Based Services


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