Foundation Fighting Blindness Registry - My Retina Tracker Genetic Testing Study

  • Maldonado, Ramiro (PI)

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ABSTRACT Foundation Fighting Blindness Registry Objectives 2.1 Collect participant reported disease and lifestyle data from individuals affected by Inherited Retinal Degenerative Diseases (IRDDs), and affected family members, diagnosed by a qualified medical professional. 2.2 Enable participants to maintain a Retinal Health Profile that facilitates disease and lifestyle management and enhances interaction with their Retinal Healthcare Providers (RHP). 2.3 Provide a well curated database that enables researchers to identify potential participants, through access to a de-identified subset of data, for research studies by phenotype and genotype, and supports cross-disease research that will facilitate, and accelerate, genetic discoveries and the translation of those discoveries into therapies that improve clinical practice. 2.4 Establish a list of biosamples contributed by participants to existing, or new, biobanks or collections (including the type of sample collected and location). 2.5 Establish a list of participants who consent to be re-contacted by the FFB Registry coordinator when FFB authorized researchers studying IRDDs need new biosamples for these studies. Note: Participants must agree to provide new biosamples and complete study specific consent prior to any sample collection. 3.0
Effective start/end date10/1/214/30/22


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