Fragipan Remediation - Corn

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2017-18 Objectives - 1) Confirm by yield and modified Soil profiles that remediation of the fraglpan is scientifically sound and quite economical. 2) Identify ryegrass exudates that might dissolve the cement; to better improve identification of most effective varieties and other possible species. 3) Understand if different humate soil additives might remediate the fragipan.4) Determine if a combination of ryegrass/KCI,ryegrass/NaN03 will remediate the fragipan in field trials.5) Continue to find and describe any profile modifications on field with a history of ryegrass. 6) With positive responses to the above objectives, begin to educate the public on remediating the fragipan.
Effective start/end date9/1/1712/31/20


  • Kentucky Corn Growers Association


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