From Nucleons to Nuclei: Enabling Discovery for Neutrinos, Dark Matter and More

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Neutrino interaction uncertainties are a limiting factor in current and next generation experiments probing the fundamental physics of neutrinos, a unique window on physics beyond the Standard Model. Our understanding of the elementary neutrino-nucleon amplitudes at the heart of the neutrino interaction program relies on experiments from an earlier age whose statistical and systematic precision are insufficient for current needs. The workshop brings together physicists with a diverse range of expertise to discuss the status of neutrino-nucleus scattering and to explore (i) the quantitative impact of better constraints on the elementary amplitudes; (ii) the scientific impact of a new hydrogen or deuterium target experiment; (iii) the optimal design and technical feasibility of a new hydrogen or deuterium target experiment; and (iv) complementary constraints on the elementary amplitudes from other methods. The tools and techniques required for understanding neutrino-nucleus interactions are common to many problems at the interface of particle and nuclear physics. The workshop will discuss new developments and prospects for related topics and new physics searches including: dark matter interactions with the Standard Model; muonic atoms and the proton radius puzzle; light element nucleosynthesis.
Effective start/end date6/1/188/31/18


  • Department of Energy: $5,000.00


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