FRT 199: Utilization of Mobile LiDAR to verify Bridge Clearence Heights on the West Kentucky Parkway

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Bridge clearances heights can vary from lane-to-lane beneath overpasses. Often the original clearance heights are jeopardized after multiple resurfacing projects. Opportunities to measure the bridge clearance heights become difficult to determine in urban areas because of limited access to manually measure the heights by conventional means. This project will utilize the latest in mobile LiDAR technology to determine the bridge clearance heights on the Western Kentucky Parkway. The collected LiDAR data will be processed and then distributed back to KYTC in the form of vertical clearance templates for each overpass. This information may then be used for either routing super loads and/or verifying FHWA standards for highway overpass clearances.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $67,500.00


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