FRT 207, LiDAR Survey for I-71 Widening - KYTC and Consultant Demostration Phase I

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In efforts to identify the benefits, of both time and cost savings when designing and verifying the as-built grades of a completed highway construction project, the Kentucky Transportation Center proposes to utilize mobile LiDAR technology to assist in collecting a geospatially referenced 3D point cloud data for the design phase of the I-71 widening project (Item No. 5-483.00) awarded to Qk4. This scope is acknowledged as Phase I of this projects entirety. Phase II scoping and associated project funding for a future project titled “verification of the as-built grades on I-71 Item 5-483.00, comparison of Design Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to As-built DTM” will come at a later date and will be funded through separate project construction funds.
Effective start/end date1/1/151/1/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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