FRT 211, Monitor the Placement of a Membrane and Rosphalt on the Deck of the Ohio River Bridge

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The deck of the Ohio River Bridge (ORB) will receive a replaceable overlay consisting of an impermeable rubberized asphalt (Rosphalt) top course placed over a spray-on membrane atop precast deck panels. Cable-stayed bridges tend to be flexible and the combination of the membrane and rubberized asphalt are anticipated to provide good resistance to chloride penetration while accommodating movements in the deck. The chloride contaminated upper portion of the asphalt can be milled off periodically and replaced with a new layer of rubberized asphalt that will maintain chloride resistance and keep the underlying deck panels in good condition. KTC proposes to monitor the placement of the membrane/rubberized asphalt top course on the Ohio River Bridge. The proposed work has several objectives: 1) document all aspects of the project pertinent to the proper placement of the materials, 2) assess (non-invasively) membrane and rubberized asphalt properties to resist chloride ingress, 3) identify any problem issues and their resolution, 4) install moisture sensors in the deck below the membrane, 5) perform thermographic recordings of the asphalt placement temperatures and 6) document the uniformity of the membrane and rubberized asphalt across the bridge. That information will be used in assessing the long-term performance of the membrane/rubberized asphalt coating. Objective (2) may also prove insightful in determining when the top layer of the rubberized asphalt should be milled and replaced. Objective (3) will identify effective measures to address any problems that arise in the membrane/rubberized asphalt placement. The moisture sensors (Objective 4) will determine if leakage occurs in problematic locations (e.g. curbs, wheel paths and longitudinal paving seams). The thermographic recordings will identify the laydown temperature of the rubberized asphalt and has been shown to be capable of identifying locations where that can eventually prove problematic.
Effective start/end date10/21/156/30/16


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $107,597.00


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