FRT 214: SHRP R06A Non-Destructive Testing of Bridge Decks

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This project is being set up to participate in the recently awarded SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program, “Nondestructive Testing Technologies for Concrete Bridge Decks (R06A). This project will allow both KYTC and KTC staff engineers to participate in this nationally funded study to learn best practices in determining bridge deck deterioration using non-destructive technologies. • Task one: participate in conference calls and attend webinars offered by the SHRP 2 Implementation Assistance Program • Task two: Identify bridges to be scanned • Task three: Schedule site visits to selected bridges and assist SHRP 2 implementation officials in collecting field data • Task four: Assist SHRP 2 implementation officials in reducing collected field data • Task five: Report results of field studies back to the SHRP 2 implementation team.
Effective start/end date6/1/176/30/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $30,000.00


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