FRT 223, Bridging Kentucky Program Assistance

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is leading the Bridging Kentucky program, a transformational commitment to improve the safety and soundness of bridges across the Commonwealth. KYTC will rehabilitate, repair, or replace more than 1,000 critical structures in all 120 Kentucky counties over the next six years. The Bridging Kentucky program is focused on improving the condition of Kentucky’s most critical existing bridges, not expanding or widening the transportation system. The estimated investment of approximately $700 million is the result of a data-driven, priority-setting approach that will allow KYTC to reopen closed bridges, remove weight restrictions that prevent use by school buses, emergency vehicles and businesses, and improve access and mobility for all Kentuckians. KTC staff will assist the KYTC project manager with this research. KTC staff will observe, evaluate and make recommendations based upon their investigations. Best practices will be communicated directly to the KYTC project manager on, at least, a weekly basis. It will be at the complete discretion of the KYTC project manager to decide how to act upon the information provided. KTC will serve only in an advisory capacity for this project.
Effective start/end date4/1/196/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $223,470.00


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