FRT 225, Monitoring Seepage and Pipe Inspection on Woods Creek Dam I-75 at Laurel County

  • Sun, Liecheng (PI)
  • Beckham, Tony (CoI)

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Uncontrolled seepage can cause embankment stability issues and could lead to eventual failure of the dam and an uncontrolled release of the reservoir, threatening the safety of residents downstream, as well as causing loss of a public water supply and the interstate highway facility. As the owner of Wood Creek Lake Dam, KYTC is required to maintain the dam for public safety. On October, 2018, personnel from the Division of Water inspected the above referenced structure. Based on their visual inspection of the dam, it is needed to monitor the seepage on the downstream slope for any significant increase in flow or change in color. The objectives for this project are as following: Monitor and collect data on water levels and flow color at the weir area of the toe of the downstream slope Monitor and collect data on changes in the lake elevation on the upstream side Perform inspections of existing drainage pipes on the downstream side A web site will be developed to display the data collected data and images from a camera to allow real time viewing. An alarm mechanism will be configured to inform authorized personnel when any unusual events occur.
Effective start/end date4/1/198/31/25


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