FRT 227, Evaluation of Orange Pavement Striping for Use in Work Zones

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This research will study the effect of orange edge and lane lines with wet-reflective elements and orange temporary pavement markers through work zones. Researchers will draw conclusions about the visibility and durability of the orange pavement markings as well as evaluate travel speeds and vehicle safety in work zones as a result of the new markings. The research team will also survey the driving public and highway workers to gauge their opinion of the orange pavement markings. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is seeking to address two primary problems: (1) driver confusion due to common pavement marking obliteration practices and (2) the lack of adequate, continuous warning for motorists indicating that they are still within a long work zone. Based on past experience with interstate widening projects, there is a concern that the obliteration of pavement markings for work zone applications may lead to confusing conditions for drivers due to incomplete removal and/or pavement scarring. Pavement marking removal practices often result in ghost markings which compete with work zone delineation for drivers’ attention. This concern is heightened in transition and taper areas. Some of KYTC’s construction engineers believe that highly visible markings, with an alternative color to standard yellow or white, might better distinguish the proper travel path for motorists. Secondly, there is desire to utilize some type of traffic control device that will provide an enhanced warning to motorists that they are still within the limits of a long work zone. It is commonly seen that drivers are more likely to return to normal driving behavior/speeds once they get through the initial transition area of a work zone and as they continue through a long work zone. The use of different colored markings may be a low-cost way to provide enhanced notice of the limits of a work zone.
Effective start/end date11/1/192/15/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $85,500.00


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