FRT 228, Data Collection Vehicle Validation Course for IRI (Phase 2)

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FRT 228, Data Collection Vehicle Validation Course for IRI (Phase 2) KTC proposes to assist in delivering training and insuring the integrity of the vehicle collection process for the pavement International Roughness Index (IRI) for both asphalt & concrete test sites by establishing a validation course. The validation courses will be evaluated on an annual basis at three predetermined test sites identified by KYTC officials. KTC can provide mid-year testing as deemed necessary by KYTC officials. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE OF WORK FHWA requires transportation agencies nationwide to monitor their pavement performance throughout the calendar year. One of the matrixes used to measure pavement performance is IRI. Currently the Division of Maintenance is responsible for overseeing the establishment and implementing of the vehicle validation course that trains drivers how to properly collect IRI data to meet the federal data requirement. KTC will provide assistance in this course by validating the integrity and repeatability of the IRI drivers at the three test sites by comparing their collected results to a reference device known as a SurPRO 4000. A SurPRO 4000 is a rolling surface profiler used as a calibration device for KYTC’s fleet of surface profiling vehicles. KTC will assist in establishing validation courses between March and April of each calendar year, until this contract expires. Selected KYTC drivers that collect pavement performance data will work with KTC to upload their test site data. KTC will then work with KYTC to accept course results using ProVAL software. Only those individuals who successfully report the course results will receive a certificate of completion based on the equipment during testing. WORK DESCRIPTION 1. Project scoping and proposal development 2. Administrative review and project setup 3. Mobilization 4. Training of SurPRO 4000 5. Establishment of test sites and initial reference data collection using SurPRO 4000 6. Data reduction and establishment of test site reference results 7 Driver training and validation of driver results 8. Driver completion and award of certificate completion 9. Demobilization
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $93,600.00


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