FRT 232, Development of a New Research Project Tracking System Pooled Fund Project - TPF-5(467)

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For Phase 1, a project steering committee will be formed, with representation from all participating states. The Kentucky Transportation Center will facilitate the development of common functional requirements for the new RPTS. Through face-to-face meetings and web-meetings with the steering committee, this effort will attempt to develop consensus on the functionality that the system must have to meet the states’ needs. Functionality that is desired (but not essential) will be identified as well. There may also be cases where an individual state (or a couple of states) want functionality that is of no interest to the remaining states. In such situations, a couple of options will be presented and considered by the state partners: 1. Go ahead and include this functionality in the core system, with the understanding that only one or two states will use it; or 2. Plan to provide this functionality as an add-on module, to be funded separately by the states that will use it. The product of Phase 1 will be a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) for the new RPTS. Each partner state will be involved in the review and approval of this document. The end of Phase 1 will be a decision point for the pooled-fund project. If, at this point, we have at least three states wanting to proceed into Phase 2, we will proceed. If not, the project will end at this point. In any case, each state will decide if they want to proceed with Phase 2. No state will be compelled to participate in (or provide funding for) Phase 2 if they choose not to
Effective start/end date8/1/2112/31/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $788,500.00


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