FRT 235: Roundabout Intersection Design Guidance Update

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Abstract FRT 235: Roundabout Intersection Design Guidance Update PROBLEM STATEMENT The modern roundabout is an at-grade circular intersection design that uses yield control on entry. Properly designed roundabouts confer significant safety, operational, and cost benefits over other types of intersection control. But when improperly designed or implemented, roundabouts can experience higher crash rates, high operational delays, and increased costs. KYTC’s Division of Highway Design released design guidance for roundabout intersections in July 2010. Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) researchers assisted with development of this guidance. Since then, KYTC has designed and built many roundabouts, with more scheduled for construction. Through project development, construction, and observations of traffic operations, many lessons have been learned since the original design guidance was published. OBJECTIVES • Conduct a literature review to document best design practices for roundabout intersections. The review will focus on materials from FHWA, KYTC, and other state transportation agencies (STAs). • Interview practitioners from KYTC and engineering consultants to document their design experiences with KYTC’s current roundabout policy and catalogue lessons learned. • In collaboration with Cabinet staff and subject-matter experts (SMEs), update the 2010 guidance to reflect current best practices. WORK PLAN (Major Tasks and Activities) Task 1: Review KYTC roundabout intersection design guidance. Task 2: Review roundabout intersection design guidance from researchers, FHWA, and other STAs. Document how KYTC’s approach to roundabouts differs from approaches used elsewhere. Task 3: Convene a committee of roundabout SMEs, assess their design experiences with KYTC’s current roundabout policy, and catalogue lessons learned. Task 4: Update KYTC’s roundabout intersection design guidance.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $85,000.00


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