Fundamental Studies of Structural Factors Affecting the Formability of Continuous Cast Aluminum Alloys

  • Morris, James (PI)

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In 3XXX series continuous cast (CC) aluminum alloys and to a lesser degree in the 5XXX CC aluminum alloys, it has been determined that the final mechanical anisotropy (as revealed by earing tests and texture measurement) of annealed "0" temper materials depends on whether the hot band has been annealed prior to cold rolling. In this regard there is a lesser effect found in direct chill (DC) cast 5XXX series aluminum alloys. The intensity of the Cube component in particular and to some degree the P texture component in the annealed state ("0" temper) depend on the application of this hot band annealing. The question arises as to whether the texture evolution during the subsequent cold rolling determines the above mentioned effect. Thus, the purpose of research in this status report is to compare the grain boundary evolution of AA 5052 CC and DC materials during the early stages of the cold rolling (:::;40% thickness reduction).
Effective start/end date8/1/0112/31/04


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