Fundamentals of 4- & 2- Stroke Cycle Engines, Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture

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Kentucky’s agriculture mechanics classroom is in need of vibrant and updated mechanical education skills that can be transferred to the workforce in a variety of trades. This workshop will forcus on the mechanics and troubleshooting of a variety of 2- and 4- stroke cycle engines, including chainsaws, weedeaters, lawmowers, and tillers. This workshop will assist both the Agricultural Power, Structure, and Technical Systems as well as the Horticulture and Plant Science System Pathway. In 2016, Kentucky Agricultural Education state staff identified areas of plant and horticultural sciences that students were underperforming. From the identified areas, an introductory course offering in plant and land sciences was encouraged to teachers that were providing the Horticultural and Plant Sciences career pathway. As teachers begin the course implementation within their school, a training that assist in a foundational knowledge base (which happen to be the underperforming areas on KOSSA) in plant and horticultural sciences.
Effective start/end date5/1/186/30/18


  • KY Department of Education: $6,750.00


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