Future Proofing Forests Through A Genetically Informed Reformation/Restoration Decision Network

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Dr. Jacob Muller, University of Kentucky, will PI a project (“Decision Support” project hereafter) that contributes to a larger Forest Service project titled “Future proofing forests through a genetically informed reforestation/restoration decision network” (“Reforestation” project hereafter) and led by FS scientists Kevin Potter, Vikram Chhatre, Dana Nelson, Carrie Pike, and Anna Conrad. Therefore, this project’s goals are interrelated with the Reforestation project goals, and work will be coordinated between the PI and the Reforestation collaborators (see collaborators list above) through regular meetings. This will be a collaborative effort among scientists at SRS and the University of Kentucky. Specifically, the work done as part of this greater project will help inform researchers and managers on a path forward to sustaining important ecological characteristics and functions across the eastern US landscape. This work will connect to additional efforts within the greater project: Aim 1) defining and characterizing tree species with high restoration potential and assessing their available seed/nursery production capacity and seed transfer guidelines and Aim 2) conducting range-wide genomics studies to refine seed transfer and seed collection guidelines, based on gene offsets, for three common taxa to test the effectiveness of gene offsets for other species that lack common garden studies. The agreement between SRS and the University of Kentucky will accomplish Aim 3, which will include the development of a decision network that integrates species-specific genetic information to inform seed collection planning, seed orchard development, nursery production scheduling, and planting site selection to ensure all planting activities result in trees with optimal adaptation to future climates.
Effective start/end date5/22/242/29/28


  • Forest Service: $198,000.00


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