FY 12 UK KIPRC Consumer Product Safety Program

Grants and Contracts Details


The University of Kentucky (UK) Kentucky Injury Prevention andHesearch Center (KIPRC) shall provide program support to the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Division of Public Health Protection and Safety In the area of consumer product safety. KIPRC shall collaborate wllh DPH/PHPS staff and others as appropriate to determine the effectiveness of recall activity. UK shall collaborate with DPH/PHPS In communication with local health departments to assess effectiveness of recalls by visiting retail venues to confirm receipt of Information and action to remove from pubtlc access. Their agent shall also conduct recall effectiveness checks as necessary to ensure that recalls are being correctly administered. Further. operating through the established KIPRC program allows us to network directly with chlldcare and other agencies. most Impacted by these products
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


  • KY Department for Public Health: $46,000.00


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