FY 20 NAHLN Infrastructure Agreement

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Increase NAHLN capabilities and capacity in addressing an adverse animal health event such as may occur with an emerging disease detection or foreign animal disease outbreak. The Cooperator will take the necessary actions to conduct the following NAHLN activities to meet the responsibilities of a Level 2 laboratory: • Actively work towards electronically messaging diagnostic test results, using HL7 standards, to the Laboratory Messaging System (LMS) or other VS systems for all laboratory-approved NAHLN assays able to be messaged by September 30, 2020; • Consistently electronically message test results to LMS or other VS systems after September 30, 2020; • Maintain the ability to use HL7 standards to electronically transmit test result data to APHIS databases by participating in appropriate/available messaging competency events; • Comply with IT system access and connectivity requirements; i.e. Information Security Awareness & Acknowledgement of Rules of Behavior training, e-authentication enrollment and submission of APHIS 513 forms as applicable; • Provide diagnostic data per the specified timelines and reporting requirements.
Effective start/end date7/15/207/14/21


  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: $131,000.00


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