FY 2011 Class B Education Incentive Grant Project: Improving Water Quality Through Public Outreach and K-12 Schools in Fayette County

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This communication is to respectfully request authorization to re-budget the above referenced research project by moving $2, 000 from fringe benefits to personnel and $37,600 for materials and supplies to personnel. The reasons for this budget request are: 1/ At the time that this project was proposed and budgeted, this project was and is a completely novel and relatively complicated project; as such, our initial budgeting estimates were our best good-faith estimates of the project costs likely to be involved. It now turns out that: 2/ Review the budgetary process shows that our materials and supplies costs have turned out to be significantly less than the amount initially budgeted, $52,954.00, largely because we got an unexpected and exceptionally advantageous cost on the year 1 eye protection experiments. 3/ On the other hand, it has turned out that the personnel costs are higher than those projected in the original budget, which estimated relatively modest personnel costs of $51,512.00 over a two-year period, which period has now been extended by six months. When it was originally budgeted we believed that this project would be performed on already in-place Institutional Animal Care and Use and Care [IACUC] and Institutional Biosafety Committee [IBC] project approvals at the University of Kentucky, based on commitments from co-investigators. However, as it turned, we have had to generate new Institutional Animal Care and Use and Care [IACUC] and Institutional Biosafety Committee [IBC] authorizations specific to this project, which has inevitably slowed progress on the project and as such increased the relative salary costs, while at the same time correspondingly reducing materials and supplies costs. 4/ Given these circumstances, which have been completely outside of our control, we are respectfully requesting authorization to move $2, 000 from fringe benefits to personnel and $37,600 from materials and supplies to personnel. These reallocations are outlined in the attached revised request documentation which has just been completed by Mr. Roy Leach, our Gluck Equine Research Center Business Manager. Approval of these budget re-allocations will enable us to continue our work to completion of this project as we approach our projected completion date of September 30th 2010. If you should you have any questions related to this notification, please contact Julienne Foster at 859-257-4526 or [email protected].
Effective start/end date12/9/106/30/12


  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government: $113,375.00


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