FY17 Kentucky Cancer Program East - BCTF (Breast Cancer Self-Management)

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The Kentucky Cancer Program requests funding for a research project to evaluate the impact of providing an evidence-based self-management intervention for breast cancer patients. We will assess the effectiveness of a one day educational and interactive workshop that addresses reducing psychological and social distress related to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, managing physical symptoms and side effects, and developing a healthy lifestyle in building self-management skills. Participants will establish a self- management goal and receive information about resources that can support them in achieving their goal. The intervention will evaluated using a pre and post-test and a three month follow-up phone survey to determine the impact of the intervention and effectiveness in increasing self-management skills. A convenience sample of 36 women who have undergone primary treatment for breast cancer, are medically underserved, and live in rural areas will be recruited for the research project.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • KY Breast Cancer Trust and Research Fund: $19,402.00


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