FY19 Training Resource Center - Citizen's Review Panel

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A. Coordinate and oversee the activities of at least three (3) Citizens Review Panels that are located throughout the state to review and evaluate services provided to children and families by CHFS. This includes: scheduling panel meetings; developing and distributing meeting minutes; sending meeting notice; providing opportunities for training and continuing education. Two (2) of the Panels shall be regional and one (1) Panel shall be statewide. These Panels shall evaluate for compliance to the state plan (federal requirement); and examine policies, practices and procedures of state and local agencies. B. Coordinate the logistics of all Panels for meetings and special events. C. Disseminate information to all Panels pertaining to state and federal policy and practice. D. Assist all Panels with strategic planning regarding federally-mandated activities. E. Develop and implement the new member orientation as needed. The orientation will provide historical perspective of CRP on state and federal levels and current CRP activities. F. Update publicity and recruitment materials on a as-needed basis, to ensure that material is accurate. G. Develop and implement a recruitment strategy to include a more diverse membership for the CRPs. H. Collaborate with other coordinators throughout the nation, via web-based listservs and site visits, to determine best practices for the Citizen Review Panels and to obtain an understanding of other models of citizen review. I. Facilitate meetings, at least quarterly, to include: arranging meeting locations, sending meeting notices, preparing agendas, arranging training and guest speakers, and assisting in the recruitment of new members for all Panels. J. Ensure that all Citizens Review Panels meet at least once every three (3) months. K. Ensure that the Program Coordinator attends all meetings of the Citizens Review Panels. The practicum students are not to be used as a designee. L. Ensure all Panel members are trained consistently and coordinate the sharing of information among state and regional panels. M. Provide ongoing training for members of the Panel and work collaboratively with the Cabinet. N. Assist Panels with strategic planning to develop goals, objectives, scope of work for the year and desired outcomes of effectively discharging their child protection responsibilities. 0. Request prior approval, in writing, for any out-of-state travel, budget amendments or purchases not specified in the annual budget. P. Facilitate annual strategic planning meetings for Panel members. The strategic plan shall include measurable outcomes for their work. The strategic plan will be developed in consideration of the State Plan and priorities of the cabinet and work collaboratively with the Cabinet to ensure work is focusing on appropriate issues related to the Performance Improvement Plan and Child and Family Service Plan. Q. Assist Panel members in writing an annual report, detailing their scope of work for the year, recommendations and/or observations, and specific outcomes achieved. R. Coordinator will assist Panels in developing means for public outreach and comments in order to assess the impact of current procedures on children, families, and the community. S. With prior approval from the Panel and the Cabinet, send a representative to the National CRP conference.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/19


  • KY Department of Community Based Services: $795,768.00


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