FY20 BCTF UK Research Foundation C1539

  • Armstrong, Debra (PI)

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The Kentucky Cancer Program proposes the expansion of our current Pink Ribbon Day Mammography Awareness events targeting medically underserved women who are low income, uninsured or receive Medicaid, and non-compliant with mammography screening. Compared to the U. S. and Kentucky, Appalachian areas of the state have significantly higher breast cancer mortality rates. Community clinical linkages will be created between organizations and mammography screening services to reach the target population eligible for breast cancer screening in five Appalachian Area Development Districts. Outreach will include evidence based breast cancer education and awareness events using tailored materials created by the FDA Office of Women’s Health with referral to mammography screening resources including mobile mammogram vans or clinic services.
Effective start/end date11/1/186/30/20


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