FY20 KCC CRC Professional Development C1396

Grants and Contracts Details


The KCC staff shall work with DPH and health systems contracted with DPH to implement the DP15-1502 grant to hold quarterly learning collaborative meetings that address successes and challenges in implementing evidence-based interventions and supporting strategies approved by the CDC, specifically challenges with patient navigation and direct colonoscopy. The KCC shall provide a physical location for these meetings and provide staff to document discussion and action items. The culmination of the quarterly meetings will be a manual that documents model approaches to patient navigation and referrals to direct colonoscopy that have been developed by the health systems, as well as challenges and successes encountered in implementing other EBI’s based on the CDC’s recommendations. The KCC will consult with DPH to ensure the health systems are compliant with the CDC requirements for patient navigation and other strategies to increase CRC screening.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/20


  • KY Department for Public Health: $15,000.00


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