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The purpose of this grant is to fund three “modular” documentaries on what makes inquiry possible in the elementary, middle, and high school social studies classrooms. The three documentaries would feature a rural elementary classroom from Appalachia, an urban middle school classroom from Jefferson County, and a suburban high school from Woodford County. In this way, we will examine the factors that make inquiry possible across three distinct Kentucky locations and grade levels. The documentaries would be modular in that they could be broken into smaller segments that would make zooming in on the roles of teachers, students, colleagues, and administrators possible. This modularity would allow us to build an online professional learning module through the Drivers License Digital (DDL) around each documentary splicing it into categories and elements for individual and collaborative conversations. The goals and deliverables for the project include: • To develop 3, 30-minute “modular” documentaries featuring an elementary, middle school, and high school classroom across the state of Kentucky. • To create a website that would serve as a portal for the videos along with ancillary materials. • To construct an online module for the documentaries in the Digital Driver’s License, which would allow participants to navigate through the vignettes from the documentary and to use the video segments as a mechanism for professional learning in districts. • To disseminate the documentaries and online materials/opportunities in a range of places and forums across the state.
Effective start/end date3/6/206/30/20


  • KY Department of Education: $269,507.00


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