FY21 Kentucky Cancer Program East C2695

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The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP)- East, is a key component of the Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) initiatives of the University of Kentucky (UK) Markey Cancer Center (MCC). The service region of KCP-East includes northern and central Kentucky, and all of the Appalachian counties of eastern and southcentral areas of the state. KCP-East is covered by eight Regional Cancer Control Specialists (RCCSs) who provide leadership and technical assistance for cancer prevention and control planning, implementation, and evaluation. KCP-East RCCSs, utilizing evidence-based-interventions and culturally tailored messaging, will work with health systems, and multiple organizational partners to implement Kentucky Colon Cancer Screen Program activities to support community education leading to increased colon cancer screening among under and un-insured populations in Appalachian Kentucky.
Effective start/end date12/1/206/30/21


  • KY Department for Public Health: $75,000.00


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