FY21 KORE SOR - Infectious Diseases Associated with Opioid Use Team (C2406)

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Proposed Strategies/Interventions: The BCC proposes to use MAT-IDWAS, a mixed method approach based on evidence based practices Buprenorphine HIV Evaluation and Support Collaborative Model (BHIVES), One-Stop-Shop (OSS) and Inpatient initiation of MAT (IIMAT) to link Infectious Disease medical care of individuals with infections complicated by their opioid use to medication assisted treatment (MAT) and supportive wrap around services within the UK Infectious Diseases Division. Project Goals/Objectives: 1: Prepare and train team members to implement MAT-IDWAS. 2: Increase access to opioid addiction treatment for IDU-OI. 3: Increase the number of participants who complete medical treatment goals such as engaging and completing (when appropriate) treatment of hepatitis C, HIV or other infections associated with IDU (IDU-OI). 4: Decrease the use of illicit drugs. 5: Decrease Participant’s readmission to the hospital or reinfections. 6: Educate participants regarding risk reduction and increase number of participants who adopt harm reduction behaviors. 7: Increase access to much needed wrap around support services. The BCC proposes to double the number of DATA 2000 waiver providers, hire additional support staff to coordinate services to implement the MAT-IDWAS program. With such increases, we predict 50 patients will be enrolled the first year, 70 the second and 80 the third with a total of 200 over the three year grant period.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/22


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $375,200.00


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