FY22 EDA University Center Economic Development Program

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Proposed herein is a novel approach to entrepreneurship training that employs elements of gamification, asynchronous learning, and experiential learning to equip an army of student workers to carry out entrepreneurial missions to de-risk pre-startup technologies at scale. Over time, students will achieve mastery in myriad facets of entrepreneurship and position the most committed entrepreneurs in training to serve in C-level startup leadership positions. The primary outcome of this effort will be to build the entrepreneurial capacity of the Kentucky region to support widespread startup creation based on university research, with startups positioned for private sector investment and scale. Part 1 UK Innovate Force is aiding in the development and acceleration, and de-risking of university, student, and community technologies while training paid students with experiential entrepreneurship missions. Part 2 Digital Badge Certification System: Competency-based learning is one of the most promising new approaches that is gaining popularity across the country. This model replaces the present seat-time models with a more adaptable, flexible structure that allows students to get formal acknowledgment for demonstrating mastery of academic subjects. This methodology, also known as proficiency-based learning or individualized learning, guarantees that critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills are addressed in addition to basic knowledge.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/27


  • Economic Development Administration: $219,236.00


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