FY22 KEEP: Kentucky Excellence in Educator Preparation

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Provide a short narrative describing your state’s need for funding and how it relates to the relevant blueprint goals/objectives: KEEP would like to engage IHEs across the state in program reform aligned with the larger goals of KEEP (see Goal 2 and objective above). The team is utilizing a mini-grant format to ensure commitment in specific program reform areas. Related blueprint goals/objectives: Goal 2: IHEs and partners (i.e., KDE, co-ops, LEAs) will increase knowledge of and practice high leverage practices, evidence-based practices and inclusive leadership in multi-tiered supportive environments. Objective: IHEs and partners will embed HLPs, EBPs, and inclusive leadership practices and practice opportunities within coursework and professional development opportunities in special education, general education and educational leadership.
Effective start/end date3/1/2212/31/23


  • University of Florida: $45,386.00


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