FY23 UK Spanish Speaking Support Group

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FY22 and FY23 Spanish Speaking Support Groups 2.00-Services Required University of Kentucky Research Foundation shall: 1. Establish community partnerships and collaborations. a. Conduct a minimum of ten (10) outreach meetings annually with the Family Health Center, schools, community centers, pediatric practices that serve Hispanic/Latina families and community based organizations such as churches, special interest groups, etc. b. Conduct a minimum of ten (10) outreach meetings per year with the Latino community within the Lexington area to identify Spanish-speaking families with CYSCHN. Identify leaders among Hispanic/Latina families of CYSHCN to be trained on the Family-to-Family program. 2. Conduct needs assessment survey to determine topic areas for therapeutic support the following but not limited to: a. Hispanic/Latina families’ knowledge on local resources b. Barriers to access culturally and linguistic sensitive services c. Attitudes and knowledge regarding advocacy 3. Convene and facilitate therapeutic support groups for Hispanic/Latina families of CYSHCN with the goal of helping those families to become advocates for their children through education and mutual support. Support groups will be conducted one (1) time per month (excluding the month of July). If the group is unable to meet due to weather conditions, OCSHN shall be contact. Support group topics may include but are not limited to, one (1) of the following topics each session: a. Leadership b. Self-Advocacy c. Nutrition d. Fitness e. Medication Management f. Social Services g. Understanding Medical Needs h. Self-Management/Condition Management i. Talking with Health Care Providers j. Knowing your rights k. Life Skills/Independent Living l. Sports and Recreation m. Continuing Education Beyond High School n. Accessing Adult Services o. Self-Development p. Effective Parenting 4. Arrange guest speakers/interpreters for each support group meetings. 5. Cover facility fees. 6. Advertise and publicize support group meetings. 7. Provide childcare for each support group meetings. 8. Administer a group evaluation after each support group meeting to identify areas for improvement. Achievement of project outcomes will be measured by self-reporting of support group participants through questionnaires. 9. Conduct annual feedback survey from the Spanish-speaking families about the program. Expected project outcomes are: a. Enhanced care for caregiver due to decreased caregiver stress and improved parent-child interactions and communications. b. Promote awareness of available resources and create partnerships. c. Increase OCSHN participation in the Spanish speaking community. d. Empower caregivers to advocate for services, comply with treatment plans and recognize their children’s abilities.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $27,600.00


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