FY24 Tobacco (MSA) - Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program: CL 6

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Abstract The purpose of the contract is to support youth tobacco prevention efforts across the state through: 1) peer-to-peer prevention and education sessions; 2) professional development opportunities; 3) communication and outreach with community and school partners; 4) and the development of a network of youth and young adults engaged in tobacco prevention and advocacy. We will also translate and disseminate information through data collection, interpretation, written reports, regular e-newsletters, and social media outreach. Our peer-to- peer program, #iCANendthetrend, has already reached 7,000 Kentucky youth and as the landscape of tobacco prevention changes, we are able to adapt our lessons and engagement strategies to support prevention efforts. We will provide training, technical assistance, and continual follow-up for all youth and young adult facilitators. Collecting real time process evaluation data supports our efforts to remain relevant, connect with state and national health education standards, and report back to partnering organizations. In addition, we will continue to develop a network of youth and young adults engaged in tobacco prevention and advocacy throughout Kentucky through our Youth Advisory Board, PEERS cohorts, and youth advocacy trainings.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services: $526,548.00


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